Sunday, December 9, 2007

Rescue Dawn and Enchanted

Last night we rented Rescue Dawn (I choose the movie this time since Patty choose Shrek the Third on Friday). I really liked this movie. It's a fantastic story about friendship, optimism, and survival. The acting was incredible - especially Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies. The DVD extras include a great "Making of" feature which shows the dedication of director Werner Herzog and the entire cast. I predict that the film will get nominated for at least one Oscar.

Earlier today we went to see Enchanted. The movie theater near our house only charges $4.50 per ticket for the first daily showing of each movie. The same theater also just mailed out cards good for a free large popcorn for each visit. $9 for two tickets and popcorn...NICE!!!

The movie was good. While I'm pretty certain it's not going to win any awards, it was quite entertaining...definitely better than Shrek the Third.

Whew - three movies in one weekend...I think that must be a record for us!


abby said...

Hi Andy my name is Abby I was wondering what the name of the theater by your home that charges $4.50 for the first showing of the day is. Its a great deal and I'd like to take advantage of it. Thanks!

Andy said...

Hi Abby -

Dickinson's Palm Valley 14. The price is now $5.00 (still not a bad deal!).

- Andy

Andy said...

Link to: Palm Valley 14

abby said...

thanks Andy! I really enjoy your blog especially the restaurant reviews. My fiance and I recently went to The Dhaba. It was delicious food and we really enjoyed the atmosphere so we'll probably return soon.

Andy said...

You're very welcome Abby!

Thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you also enjoyed The Dhaba.