Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Debt Management

I found this funny SNL skit about debt management on another blog (

It's so easy, yet so difficult for many people to understand - DON'T BUY STUFF YOU CANNOT AFFORD! The big problem is that many people don't have a clue about their own finances. Greed and denial are probably factors as well...

FYI - if you do need help, my former college roommate is on a "crusade" to help people with their debt. His website is full of great information, including many tools you can use to help yourself. Check out his website:


D said...

Pretty funny. The last time I checked the average household in the U.S. has more than $10K in debt. I certainly am not pulling my part with $0 debt. That means someone else out there are at least $20K in debt to average out my $0 in debt.

Joseph Sangl said...

Thanks for the shout-out Andy!!!

I've got to get back out West soon for a visit!!!