Friday, December 7, 2007

Homeowner bailout is a lousy idea (Jon Markman/MSN Money)

Great article from Jon Markman (MSN Money):
Homeowner bailout is a lousy idea

"It's as if the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury believe the best way to treat heroin addicts is through long-term, government-supplied crack. To be sure, lower interest rates and a mortgage-rate freeze might ease borrowers' pain temporarily, but they do nothing to solve causes or habits -- and without a doubt launch a new cycle of abuse and dependence."

"Postponing the undeniable anguish involved in making participants own up to debt-fueled losses is exactly why it took Japan more than a decade to shake off the bursting of its own credit bubble back in 1990. Interest rates were cut essentially to zero, but because moribund banks and real-estate tycoons were given government stipends, they drew funds and attention away from more-productive uses, and the country entered a recession that haunts Japan to this day."

I completely agree!

BTW, I do have to say that Bush is one slick character...he has very conveniently deflected the mess to the next President.

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