Monday, December 17, 2007

The price we are all paying for China's focus on economic growth.

The New York Times has published an eight part series titled, "Choking on Growth", about China's pollution crisis.

I just finished the last episode titled "In China, Farming Fish in Toxic Waters". The article and video are pretty alarming.

Here are some highlights:

"China produces about 70 percent of the farmed fish in the world, harvested at thousands of giant factory-style farms that extend along the entire eastern seaboard of the country."

"More than half of the rivers in China are too polluted to serve as a source of drinking water."

"The nearby Dongzhang Reservoir, a water source for agriculture and more than 700,000 people, was recently rated level 5, near the bottom of the government scale, unfit for fish farming, swimming or even contact with the human body."

"This is one of the solutions to the water crisis in China: to seek out virgin territory and essentially start the cycle all over again. And that worries scientists, who say aquaculture in China is not just a victim of water pollution but a culprit with a severe environmental legacy."

Still want to eat that shrimp, catfish, unagi (eel), or tilapia?!?

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