Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Handy Andy

I just finished up a minor home improvement project today.

Since moving in to our house, we've always complained that the "toilet" room in our master bath is too dark. I'm sure we're not the only ones, but we do a bit of reading in there now and then... =)

This past weekend we finally decided to replace the light fixture. It was a small, cheap dome light, flush with the ceiling. We went to Lowe's and found a nice looking pendant light. As I was uninstalling the old light fixture, I found a little surprise waiting for me...a nice hole, adjacent to the hole for the light fixture (the old fixture conveniently covered this hole). Thank you very much to the installer for doing such a quality job!

Here's a pic of the fine work by the original installer:
lighting fixture hole
The new fixture would not cover this hole, so it was back to Lowe's to buy some spackling and a patch kit. The bright side of this - I got to learn how to repair drywall!

Here's the new light fixture:
new pendant light
It's sooooo nice! We now have a bright light in the perfect position...for reading...hahaha. Another thing that's kind of cool is that the perimeter of the fixture has small holes which throw off little specks of light around the ceiling. You can kind of see them in this picture:
new pendant light
Yeah! Scratch another one off the list! I think that's it for small ones. About a month ago, I finally got around to installing a ceiling fan in our master bedroom. Here's a pic:
ceiling fan in master bedroom
Next up: more bathroom improvements!

We want to change out the hideous Hollywood lights above the vanities in both of our bathrooms. The ones that are in almost all newer homes today...

Another project is replacing the frameless rectangular mirrors (which cover a major portion of the walls), with framed mirrors.

Do you have a ceiling fan that needs to be installed?
How about a new light fixture?
Hole in the drywall?!?

Let me know! I'll work for (good) food...


Agnes said...

Hi Andy!
It's Agnes(Tim's wife). I love the new light in the bathroom. Talk about some skill. I need you to rub off on my hubby. The dry wall repair looks wonderful! The new lights look even better. Great job. Hope you and your wife are doing great :) I add you guys to my links...Tim loves reading your blog.

Andy said...

Hi Agnes -

Thanks for the kind words!

I really enjoy your blog too - especially the pictures.

Thanks for the link - adding yours as well. =)