Monday, June 9, 2008

Beijing Chinese Cuisine

Just had maybe the worst Chinese food ever...

We made the mistake of going to Beijing Chinese Cuisine for dinner tonight. It's a brand new restaurant very close to our house. The dining room is quite nice although the tables that they have chosen do not seem like they are properly designed for tables of four. If you have a party of four, each person will have one of the table legs right in front of them...very awkward. There was only the two of us, so we moved towards the middle of the table. The first thing I noticed was that all of the customers were Caucasian (big warning sign!!!). I'm guessing there aren't many Asians in the area, so I can overlook that one.

We ordered Mango Beef ($9.95) and Eggplant Pork ($9.95).

The mango beef was definitely one of the strangest dishes I've ever had. The dish become stranger and stranger as I ate it. I have no idea how to describe this dish...I was just too bewildered at the time.

The eggplant pork wasn't much better. The eggplant was undercooked and it was swimming in gravy.

The rice was terrible...

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

Service was pretty minimal. Basically, someone came by to order and drop off our food.

We finished maybe half of each dish. We both didn't want to eat either of the dishes for lunch the next day, so we didn't take any of the leftovers. We got up, paid, and left, completely disappointed.

I would rather eat at Pei Wei or Panda Express.

Unless you can tolerate mediocre Americanized-Chinese food, I recommend that you stay away from this place.

Places mentioned:

Beijing Chinese Cuisine
Northwest corner of Indian School/Litchfield Rd

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