Monday, September 17, 2007

Red Robin

How ironic. Right after I post about my dislike of chain restaurants, I end up going to one. It was however, one of those in the five percent of good chains, Red Robin. Patty and I go out for burgers about once a month, and it's usually either at In-N-Out or Red Robin. Delux is another one of our favorite burger places, but it's farther away so we don't go there as often. We had a certificate for a free burger (for Patty's birthday), and decided to use it for lunch this past Sunday.

We ordered a Banzai Burger, an Apple Harvest Chicken Salad, and a Freckled Lemonade.

Not much to say about the burger and drink. They were great, as usual.

Red Robin - Banzai Burger and Freckled Lemonade
The salad was a new menu item. It sounded good in the menu description:

"Fresh field greens tossed with juicy grilled chicken, diced apples, candied walnuts and Goat cheese. Topped with sliced apples and a dijon vinaigrette. It's sophisticatedly fun. Better than the farmers market."

I thought it was just ok. There was quite a bit of iceberg lettuce mixed in with the field greens and the apple didn't seem too fresh. I think the chicken was a pre-made product (i.e. Tyson Grilled Chicken Strips) but Patty thought it was pretty good. We'll pass on this next time...

Red Robin - Apple Harvest Chicken Salad
Since we were redeeming a birthday certificate, our server brought out a complimentary dessert sundae. It was a nice treat (on top of the free burger).

Red Robin - complimentary birthday sundae

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Steven K said...

Yummy... I miss the burger restaurants you took us to around Phoenix...

There is a damn tasty burger restaurant in Hawaii that I tried. Can't remember the name now but I'm sure you can find it. You can't miss it when you visit Honolulu!