Saturday, September 15, 2007

5395 West Soul Food Place Restaurant (times two)

For lunch on Tuesday, I tried a place called 5395 West Soul Food Place Restaurant. I ordered the Catfish Po' Boy and a Sweet Tea (drinks are included w/ lunch). The Po 'Boy and tea were both excellent. The catfish had a nice and crunchy breading. The place is run by two sisters - both checked on me throughout my meal to make sure everything was ok. Here's a pic of my lunch:
5395 West Soul Food Place - Catfish Po' Boy w/ Sweet Tea
I loved the food so much that I took Patty there for dinner on Friday so she could try it as well. We shared a Two-item combo meal, choosing Catfish and Soulghetti as our entrees, and Candied Yams and Macaroni & Cheese as our sides. Patty also had a Sweet Tea. Before our meal came out, we were given two of their "Fried Biscuits". Everything was fantastic. We were both stuffed but wanted to try one of their home-made desserts, so we got an order of Peach Cobbler to go. Once we got home, we had the cobbler with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Vanilla ice good.

Here are some pics:
5395 West Soul Food Place - Fried Biscuits5395 West Soul Food Place - Catfish w/ Mac and Cheese and Candied Yams5395 West Soul Food Place - Soulghetti5395 West Soul Food Place - Peach Cobbler
I like this place. The food is fantastic, the service is good, and it's not a chain! Our area is loaded w/ chain restaurants (of which 95% are, to be blunt, crap), so it's very nice to have this option nearby. I always wonder why people even go places like TGI Friday's and Applebee's, where the food is basically heat and serve, when they can get fresh, made-from-scratch cooking?!? Oh well - these must be the people that vote for Red Lobster as "Best Seafood Restaurant" and Olive Garden as "Best Italian Restaurant". OK - guess I'm going off on a tangent here...anyways...give those smaller, family-owned businesses a try!

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