Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Giant pancakes (@ The Original Pancake House)

Going back three days...

Last Sunday, we met up with Joyce and Jay for brunch at The Original Pancake House.

We had decided that we would each order different items so we could each try all try the different dishes.

I ordered a Junior Apple Pancake. Patty had a Ron's Special... (can't remember the full name but it was an egg scramble w/ a bunch of stuff). Joyce had a Dutch Baby (aka German Pancake)
and Jay ordered a Corned Beef Hash w/ a side of hash browns.

When my Apple Pancake arrived, our server apologized because it had apparently stuck to the pan a bit. My apple pancake was kind of ugly but it tasted great. It was like eating dessert for breakfast. Bonus - the server didn't charge us for it because of the look of it. Here's a pic:
T.O.P.H. - Apple Pancake
For reference, this is what it's supposed to look like:
T.O.P.H. - Apple Pancake(from their corporate website)

Joyce's Dutch Baby was my favorite dish. It was sooooo good.
T.O.P.H. - Dutch Baby
I can't really remember the other two dishes (as I was too focused on the pancakes) other than that they were both pretty good. Here are pics of the two dishes:
T.O.P.H. - Ron's Special w/ Potato PancakesT.O.P.H. - Corned Beef Hash
Here's a pic of my plate with various items:
T.O.P.S. - my plate full of food
The pancakes are the definitely the stars here, but everything is well-made.


Kelvin said...

Hey Andy,

I thought you knwo every good resturant. I was wrong. How come you never showed me these places. Now, you make me miss Phoenix so much....
I really hope i could move back to Phoenix, and enjoy all the good things.
Btw, your blog is pretty much all about the food, tell me the truth, how much weight you have gain?

It seems Patty has improved her cooking skills a lot.

Jay said...

Mmm. Good times. Even the buttermilk pancakes that came as a side dish were "best-of-breed" in my book. If only I knew how to make them that light and fluffy.