Monday, September 10, 2007

Comfort food

After eating way too much the previous day, we stayed at home the entire day on Saturday.

For lunch, we made "dan bing", one of my favorite foods. Basically, it's like a Chinese burrito. Ever since our trip to Singapore (where we first discovered roti prata), we've been using roti prata, instead of chinese scallion cakes or "dan bing pi". Roti prata has a really nice pastry-like flavor that works well for dan bing. Usually, we make dan bing with roti prata, egg, and rou song (dried shredded pork), but to kick things up a bit, we added basil, green onion, and pickled daikon. Here are two pictures (the first shows the innards, the second is the finished dan bing):

dan bing - innardsdan bing
For dinner, Patty made delicious noodle soup made with the following ingredients:
  • Korean noodles
  • scallops
  • fish balls
  • cabbage
  • green onion
  • egg
  • Taiwanese barbeque sauce
  • sesame oil
Here's a pic:Patty's noodle soup
So tasty!

Next up - Giant pancakes!

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