Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Headed to India!

Just found out today that I'll be heading to India in September (for work) This is soooo cool! I've always wanted to go to India...

I'm not looking forward to getting a bunch of vaccinations though. =(


Matthew Davis said...

The shots are just part of the "joy" of going. To visit southwestern China, now 10 years ago, I had to have the full battery as well. Never heard of half the stuff, but there is a good side too. Ask for a WHO immunization card (little multi-page yellow card if they still use them), or similar portable record. That way you can carry your full list of inoculations with your passport at all times. Sometimes can smooth entry into your more inaccessible locations ;)
If they tell you you need Malaria medication stay away from the Mefloqine (sp?). Nasty stuff, hallucinations, etc (which they call "vivid dreams". Whatever.) There are other meds on the market including a shot I think. Get that, or those. I stopped after 14 days with the meds they gave me because I couldn't sleep and kept freakin out. (Some people say also long-term affects... no matter what the doc says).

Have fun! Bring the repellant and the money belt.


Andy said...

Thanks for the great info Matt!