Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chanpen and Thai treats

This must be a record for me - four posts in one day! (I must be bored...hahaha)

Went to Chanpen for lunch today w/ a few of my co-workers. I've been there a few times before, but according to my Thai co-worker, Bell, you must go there on Thursdays for even better food (the chef today only works on Thursdays).

We all ordered the same thing - pad thai. It was delicious! The dish had much more flavor and spice than usual, and it was also a bit sweeter (than on my previous visits). Forgot to take a picture of the dish...

Bell has an "inside connection" at Chanpen (she used to work there) and scored us free desserts!

We got plates of fried sweet potato and fried banana, served with a sweet syrup. Both were very tasty.

Here is the fried sweet potato:
Chanpen - fried sweet potatoand the fried banana:Chanpen - fried banana
A few weeks ago, Bell made mango w/ sticky rice for the team. I looooove this dessert. The most amazing thing was that she made the rice in the microwave! Here's a pic:
Bell's mango w/ sticky rice

Places mentioned:

13828 North 51st Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85306


Anonymous said...

I think Chanpen makes the best version of green papaya salad I've had in the Phoenix Metro Area. I'll have to try it sometime on a Thursday to see if it's even better then.

Andy said...

I checked w/ Bell regarding the green papaya salad and she said that this is NOT prepared by the chef. Another restaurant employee makes this.