Saturday, July 12, 2008

DISH closed

Just read on Chowhound that the Scottsdale eatery DISH has closed. I posted about this place last year (original post here) and had doubts about the longevity of this place.

"It's a neat place but I'm not sure if it will survive. The place is huge and the rent must be way up there. It also seemed to be way overstaffed - I'm guessing there are around 50+ employees working at any one time. I wouldn't go out of my way just for the food. We'll see..."

While I'm never happy to see a place close, I do wonder about some of the places I have eaten at.
  • are their business models sound?
  • are they targeting the right customers?
  • management
  • staffing models
  • customer service orientation
  • appropriate food offerings
  • quality and taste of food
  • ambience
  • pricing
  • location
  • and on and on...
My parents owned multiple restaurants and I basically grew up working in them so I have a bit of experience in the industry...

Hm...maybe I have a future in restaurant consulting?!? ;-)

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