Wednesday, April 23, 2008


On our way home tonight, we drove by the new Lee-Lee to see if it was open yet (it wasn't). I think I read somewhere that it will be open tomorrow (April 24). I remembered reading that there was a new Vietnamese restaurant just across the street so we decided to have that for dinner.

Pholicious is in a new strip mall on the northwest corner of 75th Avenue and Cactus Rd. The dining room is simple, nice, and clean. We ordered Spring Rolls ($3.95), Pho Tai ($6.75), and Shrimp, Grilled Pork, and Egg Roll on rice vermicelli ($6.95)

Sorry - no camera, so no pictures.

The spring rolls were very good. Both of us thought they were quite large compared to the springs rolls at other Vietnamese restaurants.

The pho tai was great. It was one of the better bowls of pho I've had.

The broth was hot, clear, full of flavor, and not oily. The beef was tender and the noodles weren't too soft. It was served with a plateful of fresh basil, bean sprouts, and a few lime wedges and jalapenos slices.

The shrimp and grilled pork w/ rice vermicelli was also good.

It's a great addition to the West Valley. We'll be back!

Places mentioned:

7582 W. Cactus Rd
Peoria, AZ 85381


Yankee1969 said...

I guess I'll need to ditch Tara some weekend and try them. I love some good pho and spring rolls.

Andy said...

She doesn't like Vietnamese food?!?

FYI - they've also got Chinese food on their menu.