Wednesday, January 9, 2008

DVDPlay, Redbox, and Waitress

It seems like we've been watching quite a few movies lately. We've got at least five DVD rental kiosk locations all within a mile of our house, so renting (and returning) is very convenient. Our first few kiosk rentals were via DVDPlay ($1.49/day). On our last rental, I rented via Redbox ($1/day). Both offer a good selection of the latest hits, though Redbox seems to have a broader overall selection (including many movies I've never heard of before). Redbox is cheaper so I'll probably continue renting from them in the future. One additional feature of Redbox is that you can view a particular kiosk's offerings and reserve a specific title (via their website). Considering how many movies we rent each month (maybe four to five max), renting via these services makes more sense for us than a Netflix or Blockbuster membership.

We rented Waitress last Friday night. It was a decent movie. Kind of slow in a few parts (I think I might have dozed off a few times during the movie). Overall though, it was cute w/ a few funny parts. It was worth the $1 rental.

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