Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Worst drivers in the nation?

I'm convinced that Phoenix must have the worst drivers in the nation. Here's a snapshot of the headlines from AZCentral.com (southwest valley edition):

5 car accidents! The sad thing is that this is a typical day and the scary thing is that many of these accidents involve uninsured and unlicensed drivers.

Speeding, red-light running, dui/dwi, texting, talking on the phone, stress, long commutes, terrible traffic, unskilled drivers, the list goes on and on.

Then to top it off, you've got gawkers causing curiousity factor delays (and even additional accidents). ARGHHHHHH!!! What's with this place?!?

OK - I'm done venting for now.

Update - here's another headline that just got added after I originally posted: "Police: Text messaging to blame for fatal accident"


Patty said...

ppl here are idiots! they dunno how to drive!
and get off my way, stupid truck drivers!

satoshi said...

well, taipei is also the same,,,,,,i think