Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dressing for success (or not)

First off, I want to congratulate Khoa and Mai on the birth of their baby girl last Saturday. Welcome to the World Mina Saomai!

On deck: Buddy/Catina (any day now...) and Al/Linda ('08)

So today I decided to go to the CareerExpo. I dusted off one of my suits and made sure that my shoes were clean and shiny. As I wandered around the expo, I was shocked at what some of the attendees were wearing. There were tons of guys in jeans, t-shirts, and athletic shoes and girls in outfits that looked more like "club" wear (tight-fitting blouses and tank tops). I'm guessing in some cases, it might actually work for the girls but were these people really here to find jobs?!? Granted, it was about 105 degrees outside and wearing proper attire might be a bit uncomfortable...but come on people, you are putting yourself in front of potential employers. I'm not an HR professional or expert on dressing, but I know that if you want a chance, at least make an effort!

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