Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Car update

My car is still at the dealer...

I stopped at the dealer last Thursday to pick up a (complimentary) loaner car. Here what I got:
Audi A4 S-line
No's an '08 A-4 S-line. =)

It seems pretty similar to my car (which is a '05.5). I haven't really driven it hard but I don't notice much of a difference in terms of improved performance. I believe it's the same engine, just tuned differently. The interior has paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and aluminum knobs on the radio.

Up to the day I picked up the loaner, the dealer still had no idea what was wrong with the car (after 4 days). The next day, I got a call from the service advisor saying that it was the TCM (transmission control module) and that it would be another "week or so" (as the part is coming from Germany).

We'll see...


Yankee1969 said...

Coming from Germany, huh? That sounds familiar. :)

Andy said...

haha...I specifically asked if the part was coming from there.