Sunday, October 25, 2009

In LA until Thursday

I'm in LA until Thursday for work. The nice thing is...Patty is here with me

We flew in this afternoon after celebrating a friend's b-day @ La Grande Orange (happy b-day, A.!)

Once we arrived in LA, we metup with my parents for an early dinner. After dinner we were thinking of things to do and decided to stop by Disneyland. One day, one park tickets are a whopping $72 (we both thought that there might be discounted admission after a certain time, like half price tickets after 6pm, but no luck), so we decided to walk around Downtown Disney instead. The place was absolutely packed for a Sunday evening...aren't kids in school right now?!?

BTW, my rental car this time around is the worst car ever - a Dodge Caliber. I thought the Chevy Aveo and HHR were terrible, but this car surpasses them by far. Oh well, it's my ride for the week.

Time for bed!

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