Sunday, March 8, 2009

Greetings from Pittsburgh

I just happened to mention the Chevy Aveo in a recent posting and guess which car I get today?

A "Summer Yellow" 2009 Chevy Aveo. (yellow?!?) Oh well, I'm stuck w/ this car until Friday.


Huanhuan said...

hey hey taxi!

Andy said...

haha...very funny.

hm...i might be able to make some supplemental income during my trip! ;-)

huan said...

then i can really stay home! =P

Birney said...

I'd only pay if you picked up three of your friends during the ride and then doubled the price. The tactic works, you know it does.

PS - Started up the blogging again

Andy said...

Great idea! I need to maximize ROI on the rental cost. For you, I'll give you a fantastic deal - only triple the "normal rate" (it's a height surcharge for you buddy).

It's about time you started blogging again! That was a nice 5 month hiatus...I'll post some ideas for you soon.