Sunday, February 3, 2008

Foodbar, Scottsdale, and celebrities?!?

We went to try THE FOODBAR yesterday afternoon. FOODBAR opened last year in the new Scottsdale Waterfront development (which is adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square). When we arrived at the Waterfront area, it was packed -- tons of out of town visitors for the FBR Open and Super Bowl. I've never seen so many people walking around the streets in Phoenix/Scottsdale. It was nice to see...

Here's an interesting pic (Little Shop of Horrors?):
picture at the Scottsdale Waterfront
There were Patriots fans everywhere! Just a guess, but it seemed like they outnumbered Giants fans about 10 to 1. Here's one of them:
Patriots fan in front of Foodbar
Back to FOODBAR...

Here are two pics of the showcase and cashier area:
Foodbar - showcase areaFoodbar - cashier area
I ordered a Croque Madame (Smoked ham, fried egg, Swiss, chives, fire roasted Anaheim chilies - $8) and Patty had the Chicken Panini (w/ pesto mayo on foccacia -$8.50).

Both sandwiches were very good, although I preferred my Croque and Patty preferred her panini. I really liked the crusty French baguette (all breads are from local supplier, Simply Bread).

Here's a picture of the Croque Madame:
Foodbar - Croque Madame
and here's the Chicken panini:
Foodbar - Chicken Panini
A cool James Beard poster in the bathroom:
James Beard poster
The seating area is interesting. One side is lined w/ normal two tops. The other side has "sideway" seating, in which you sit sideways, and the table area is to your right or left. This lets two people share a table space. Here's a pic:
Foodbar - seating area
They also have counter seating at the other end of the restaurant. Here' a pic of that area:
Foodbar - counter seating
While we were looking at the food items, I spotted a cobbler that I wanted to try. We would be back soon to try it!

After lunch, we went to Fashion Square for a bit of shopping.

Marcel Shipp (running back for the Arizona Cardinals) was signing autographs at Dillard's. Here's a pic:
Marcel Shipp signing autographs at Dillard's
While we were at Dillard's, I overhead someone saying that comedian/actor Chris Rock was just spotted in the store. I'm pretty sure we past by a few celebrities/musicians/athletes while in the mall. There were tons of people gathering around this group of guys in the food court (didn't recognize them but they are the "big guys" near the railing):
Scottsdale Fashion Square food court
They stayed in the area for about ten minutes taking pictures.

After shopping, we headed back to FOODBAR for an afternoon/pre-dinner snack. I had to try the cobbler!

On our way there, ESPN was broadcasting from the Waterfront (as well as at UOP Stadium).

Here are a few pics:
ESPN broadcasting from Scottsdale WaterfrontESPN broadcasting from Scottsdale Waterfront
I recognized Tom Jackson, but not the other guy... (Merrill Hoge or Kirk Herbstreit???)
ESPN broadcasting from Scottsdale Waterfront
A somewhat closer shot of Tom Jackson:ESPN broadcasting from Scottsdale Waterfront
A cool new statue commemorating the Hashknife Pony Express (read more here):
Passing the Legacy statue at Scottsdale Waterfront commemorating the Hashknife Pony Express
...and finally, FOODBAR. Here's the cobbler (apple and cranberry w/ scoop of vanilla Haagen-Dazs - $4):
Foodbar - apple and cranberry cobbler
The cobbler was pretty tasty. I thought the fruit filling was a bit tart by itself, but with the ice cream it was just right.

We both liked FOODBAR. We'll be back to try their dinner offerings.

Places mentioned:

7114 E. Stetson Dr, Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(@ The Scottsdale Waterfront)

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