Friday, February 1, 2008

First attempt at making beef noodle soup

Last weekend we tried making beef noodle soup (niu rou mian or 牛肉面) for the first time. NRM is one of my favorite foods...but unfortunately in Phoenix, there is nowhere to get good NRM (so every time we go to L.A., I have to get my NRM fix).

It was quite easy to make. We somewhat followed this recipe that I found on another blog. The hardest part was prepping the meat. Scratch that. The hardest part was waiting for two hours while it simmered (and being tortured with the fragrant aromas of NRM throughout the house).

beef noodle soup
It turned out quite good. The broth was really nice. The beef was soft, but didn't have enough of the flavors soaked in. Next time we're going to try using two pots, one with a concentrated broth for simmering the beef.


Cathy said...

This looks really good. I feel hungery just looking at the picture.. Luck me!.. going back to Taiwan tomorrow.. =p won't be too hard tracking down a nice bowl of nrm.. :)

Andy said...

Please eat a bowl for me Cathy!