Monday, March 15, 2010

SoCal trip highlights

Here are some random food highlights from my recent trip to SoCal (Feb. 17-26):

Kogi - LA (truck was @ Sawtelle/Olympic): short rib taco

I had just finished my dinner and as I was walking out of the restaurant, I noticed a crowd of people near a truck. hm...11:30pm and a crowd of people standing outside? As I got closer, I saw that it was a Kogi truck! I've read so much about Kogi and since it was right in front of me, I had to try it. The taco looks like a mess in the picture, but it was delicious.

Furaibo - LA: grilled mackerel

gr/eats - LA: tilapia w/ pesto

This was the special of the day - it was fantastic deal at $8.50!

gr/eats - LA: chocolate cake w/ ice cream

LAMILL - LA: passion fruit gelee

This was my second visit to LAMILL. I also had the same dessert on my previous visit. It is one of the best desserts EVER!

LAMILL - LA: flank steak salad

Hurry Curry of Tokyo - LA: chicken cutlet curry

Bella Pita - LA: fried cauliflower

Absolutely delicious. Definitely the best preparation of cauliflower I've had...fried food rocks.

MILK - LA: coffee toffee sandwich

The coffee toffee ice cream was fantastic on its own, but I loved the macaron top and bottom. Chewy goodness...

Cube - LA: truffle burger

Serious Eats named the burger @ Cube as one of their favorite burgers in 2009. I agree. It was amazing.

Another article on Cube @ Serious Eats:
Going to the Source at Cube in West Hollywood

Yakitoriya - grilled chicken wings

Orris - fried smelt

Simbala - LA: white radish cake

On nearly every visit to LA, I eat at Simbala, which specializes in Taiwanese food.

Simbala - LA: braised pork, tofu, and bamboo shoots

Glorious pork belly...

85C - Irvine: rose cheese bun

My friend told me I had to go I went. The place was incredibly busy. There was a line out the door and it was around 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon. Inside, there were stanchions setup to control the flow of people.

85C - Irvine: sea salt coffee

This drink was sooooo satisfying. The sea salt is in the foam and the flavor and texture of the drink is incredible.

BCD Tofu - Irvine: original premium tofu stew

Champagne - San Diego: three layer chocolate mousse

Little Sheep Hot Pot - San Diego: mongolian beef meat pie


Jay said...

My Goodness, those are some great pics. Tell me how you're not 300 lbs.

Anonymous said...

Visiting your blog always makes me so hungry!! Lol :D

Andy said...

Mission accomplished! I just need to get around to updating it one of these days...