Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zinc Bistro

While many parts of the US are blanketed with snow and soaked from rain, the weather in Phoenix this time of year is generally beautiful. We took advantage of the weather yesterday with lunch outdoors at one of our favorite restaurants, Zinc Bistro. We've been to Zinc many many times before, but it has been nearly a year since our last visit...and this is the first time I've ever posted about it!

Here are a few random shots:
Entry w/ patio area in foreground

Bar area

Dining room

Our view from the patio seating area

How many birds can you spot? (answer below)

Here's what we ate:

Here's a shot of just the steak:

and a close-up of the excellent pomme frites:

dipping sauces for the frites:

There were a few minor seasoning and cooking issues, but it was still a very good meal. We didn't have room for dessert this time, but if you go, you must try the souffles! They are incredible.

By the way, there were three birds in the picture above.


sifa said...

yayyy finally!!

food looks good
and i spotted three birds :D

Andy said...

Thanks for reading sifa! Yes, it's been a while...

Hello said...

How do you take such great photos of food all the time?!? You're like the Annie Lebowitz of food! Or ummm... Ansel Adams? ;)