Saturday, August 1, 2009

Random thoughts

I arrived back home on Thursday night.

We hit the mall today - one of the few things to do in Phoenix during the scorching summer.

Here are some random thoughts I had today:
  • Do smokers that toss their used cigarette butts on the street do the same thing inside their homes? I'm assuming why do they do it outside?!? (I think about this one a lot. It's one of my pet peeves.)
  • We stopped in Gap today. After years of dull designs, the clothes seem to be improving! I wonder if this is a result of Patrick Robinson. I haven't bought anything from Gap for a very, very long time, but maybe sometime soon!
  • Clinique desperately needs to redesign the packaging for the majority of its product line. The packaging for these products looks like it's straight from the '80s. I think about this every time I pass by the Clinique counter @ a department store...I do love their M Protect lotion though.
A peek inside the mind of Andy... ;-)

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