Saturday, May 9, 2009

Juice House Boba

For dinner yesterday, we tried Juice House Boba. We've been for drinks before, but never for food. The shop is located at the southwest corner of 35th Ave. and Peoria (in the same plaza as Fry's, but facing 35th Ave.).

Here's a shot of the exterior:
Juice House Boba - exterior
We ordered the following:
  • durian smoothie w/ boba ($3.00)
  • spring rolls (three for $3.49)
  • pho tai nam bo vien ($5.95)
  • grilled pork banh mi ($2.99)
First up was the durian smoothie:
Juice House Boba - durian smoothie w/ bobaThe smoothie was good, but I ordered the boba by mistake...

The spring rolls were excellent - among the best we've had in the area. The hoisin peanut dipping sauce served w/ the rolls was fantastic.
Juice House Boba - spring rolls
We had somewhat mixed opinions on the pho. Patty thought the noodles were a bit too hard and that the broth lacked "depth". I thought it was a decent bowl of pho - the broth was a bit salty for me.
Juice House Boba - pho tai nam bo vien
The banh mi was "ok". The sandwich fillings were quite good, but the bread was mediocre (it reminded of the white bread at Subway). The banh mi (served on a crusty baguette) @ Pho Avina are superior.
Juice House Boba - grilled pork banh mi
Overall, Juice House Boba wasn't bad (it's definitely not bad for a very filling, ~$17 meal). It's a nice stop for drinks and an occasional bite to eat.

Places mentioned:

Juice House Boba
10410 N. 35th Ave, Suite #12
Phoenix, AZ 85051

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