Sunday, April 12, 2009


Just got this email from Southwest:

Hello Andrew!

Your flight on April 13, 2009, is currently scheduled
to be on one of our Wi-Fi enabled aircraft!* That's'll be able to check e-mail, surf the Internet, and stay connected to the world below via your personal laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device! (As a reminder, devices that exclusively use a cellular signal won't work with this service.) Don't forget to power up at the gate before you board!

Southwest is currently testing Wi-Fi on four of our planes. The service will be free of charge during this evaluation period; all that we ask is that you take a few minutes to tell us what you think! Your opinion will help shape the future of this exciting product. A link to a short survey will be available on the Southwest Airlines/Yahoo! Homepage once you log in inflight.

I'm bummed that I didn't bring my laptop w/ me this time!

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