Monday, November 24, 2008

Mi Cocina, Mi Pais

Last Friday, we went to one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Mi, Cocina, Mi Pais (I've been there many times but haven't written about it before). It's a small family-owned Ecuadorian restaurant.

Here a pic of the complimentary chips and salsa they serve:
Mi Cocina, Mi Pais - chips & salsaThe salsa was packing some heat!

I had the 'Pescado a la Huancavilca' (fried boneless trout filet - $10.50). I love the pickled onion that is served on the side - it's a very nice complement to the fish. Here's a pic (w/ the pickled onions on top):
Mi Cocina, Mi Pais - Pescado a la Huancavilca
Patty had the 'Sango de Camarones' (~$11). It's basically a shrimp stew (containing eight large shrimp). The stew was excellent. Here's a pic:Mi Cocina, Mi Pais - Sango de Camarones
I also ordered a side of maduros (fried plantains) for us to share ($1.50). I love these...
Mi Cocina, Mi Pais - maduros
For dessert, we had the coconut flan ($3.50). This is seriously one of the best desserts EVER. It's more like a layer cake - with a layer of coconut cake on the bottom and a layer of ultra-rich flan on top. Here's a pic:
Mi Cocina, Mi Pais - coconut flan
If you haven't tried Mi Cocina, Mi Pais, I definitely recommend going there!

The food is always excellent and very reasonably priced. Our meal came out to around $28! (not including tip).

Places mentioned:

Mi Cocina, Mi Pais
4221 West Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85053

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David SB said...

Nice photos. MCMP is easy to overlook but well worth seeking out.