Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall (work) travel

Here's my (somewhat crazy) travel schedule for the next few months:

Trip 1
Wed. Sep. 17: flight from Phoenix to Washington D.C.
Sat. Sep. 20: train from DC to New York City
Sun. Sep. 21: flight from Newark to Delhi (arrive on Mon. Sep. 22)
Sun. Sep. 28: flight from Delhi to Bangalore
Tue. Sep. 30: flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad
Fri. Oct. 3: flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai
Sun. Oct. 5: flight from Mumbai to Seattle (via Newark; arrive on Mon. Oct. 6)
Thu. Oct. 9 or Fri. Oct 10: train from Seattle to Vancouver
Sat. Oct. 11: flight from Vancouver to Phoenix (via LAX)

Trip 2
Tue. Oct. 21: flight from Phoenix to Oakland
Wed. Oct. 22: flight from Oakland to LA
Thu. Oct. 30: flight from LA to Phoenix

Trip 3
Wed. Nov. 5: drive from Phoenix to Tucson

Trip 4
Sun. Nov. 9 or Mon. Nov. 10: flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake City
Tue. Nov. 11: flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix

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Gr8est said...

wow!!! waddya do man. i envy you. u travel a hell lot!!!