Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Radio Milano

We met up w/ D. for dinner last Saturday at Radio Milano. None of us had been there before. The dining room is nice - somewhat similar to sister restaurant Chelsea's Kitchen, although a bit "warmer" and more intimate. We arrived at 6:10pm and were seated immediately. By the time we left, the dining room was packed and there were many people waiting for tables. I thought the dining room was a bit noisy.

Here are two pics:
Radio Milano - interiorRadio Milano - interior
Our server brought out a basket of radio bread. I liked the bread - it seemed like a seasoned and flatter version of the sourdough crust on the pizzas at La Grande Orange (another sister restaurant).

We ordered the following:
  • antipasti vegetable plate w/ burrata ($12)
  • crisped acqua pazza white fish (halibut), sautéed spinach ($17)
  • gino’s spicy shrimp pasta w/ toasted almond pesto ($15)
  • tuscan wild mushroom meatloaf au jus ($15)
All drinks are 1/2 price from 5-7pm daily. Each of us had a drink.

The antipasto plate was good, although with the exception of the white nectarines, nothing really stood out for us. Too bad none of us are olive fans...we each ate one and left the rest. For reference, Pizzeria Bianco's antipasto plate is excellent.
Radio Milano - antipasto plate
I ordered the fish entree. Overall, the dish was good. The halibut fillet was nicely browned and seasoned, but slightly overcooked.
Radio Milano - crisped acqua pazza white fish, sautéed spinach
Patty had the pasta dish. I thought this was the best dish of the three. It was full of flavor - creamy, yet not heavy. The shrimp were slightly overcooked.
Radio Milano - gino’s spicy shrimp pasta w/ toasted almond pesto
I had a few bites of D's meatloaf and thought it was pretty good. No pic.

For dessert, we shared the olive oil cake w/ housemade jam & thickened cream ($7). This dessert was just ok for me. The cake was very dense. It was like a slightly-better-than-average fruitcake. Here's a pic:
Radio Milano - olive oil cake w/ housemade jam & thickened cream
Radio Milano is a nice neighborhood restaurant. I don't think I would drive out of my way to eat here, although it would be a good place to meetup w/ friends...

The food is pretty solid and reasonably priced. I would put it on par with North and Chelsea's Kitchen.

Places mentioned:

Radio Milano
3950 E. Campbell
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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Agnes said...

Yum, Patty's dish looks SO good! Tim and I will have to visit there on a date night. Glad you all had fun :)