Monday, October 29, 2007

Camping among the tall pines

This past weekend, we went camping with a few friends in the Sitgreaves National Forest (elevation 7200 ft.).
Campground entry
We had hot pot for dinner (a few people had it for breakfast the next day as well). It was really nice having hot food with the chilly climate (the low for the night was around 40 degrees).
Hot pot dinner
After dinner, we enjoyed s'mores for dessert...mmmm....s'mores please!!!

For breakfast, we made french toast and fried eggs.
French toast breakfast
After breakfast, we packed up and headed back to HOT Phoenix. It has been about 20 degrees warmer than normal for the past few days (today's high is 92!).

Here are a few more pictures:
Pine tree forestBeautiful falling leavesour campfire
and favorite picture of the trip:

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